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Borrowing the idea of “adoption” from CrowdFarming, I’m offering my worm bins on an adoption basis.


1. You pledge to adopt a worm bin for free.
2. Once 1 kg of vermicompost is harvested out of your worm bin, you make a payment and I send it to you.
* It may take at least a few months for a Small bin to produce 1 kg of vermicompost.
* If any problem is detected in your bin, I will replace it with an existing healthy bin for free.
Prices of vermicompost per kg
❖ Small Bin: €60,00 + shipping
❖ Medium Bin: €72,00 + shipping
* Brutal 27% VAT will be charged if purchased inside Hungary only to be stolen by Orbán.


You can customise what to feed the worms in your worm bin, e.g. without egg shells, nuts, pasta, soy beans, etc. The price is Standard + 20% and advance payment is required. Free replacement is not guaranteed.
* Disclaimer: I strongly believe that the quality of the vermicompost is the same no matter what the worms consume, but I’m offering this option to give you peace of mind.
* Disclaimer: You can only feed a few certain materials, but it’s said to be not recommended (judging from some experiments I’ve seen in YouTube).


I report you all the materials that are fed in your worm bin in real time. This is actually a lot of work and I’m not happy. The price is Standard + 30% and advance payment is required. Free replacement is not guaranteed.


The vermicompost out of my stock is also available. The price is €36,00 + shipping.

Shipping Options

Posta (Hungary)
DHL (Europe)