cleaner air, richer soil


At this point, my vermicompost has never been scientifically examined. Here are some examples in which my vermicompost potentially helped the plants.

Geranium (2021-)

27 June 2023: A cutting I transplanted with my vermicompost in May flowered.
28 May 2023: It had lots of flowers.
6 May 2023: Almost all the branches had a flower.
12 February 2023: I think this is the same flower as 31 December 2022.
11 February 2023: It was icy.
30 January 2023: It was snowy.
31 December 2022: More new flowers were coming out.
23 December 2022: It was still flowering, and again, I didn’t bring it to a dark place.
12 July 2022: The new branches grew below the original branches.
18 February 2022: I didn’t take it to a dark place to let it hibernate, and it started flowering, even though it was not a particularly warm winter (it went sub-zero many times). The geranium didn’t get frozen either, possibly the vermicompost and worms kept the soil warm?
Spring 2021: I bought the pink geranium (I can’t find other photos).

Cyclamen Rescue